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  • Guaranteed Approval
    Guaranteed Approval Your credit is not a problem.
    Financing a Computer has never been so easy.
  • No Credit Check
    No Credit Check
    THAT's RIGHT, In fact when you Finance a Laptop or Desktop with us you are going to improve your Credit!
  • Low Payments
    Low Payments
    We will work with you to find a Computer Payment Plan to fit your Buget. We Guarantee it!

About Our Program

Everyone gets a chance to build or re-build thier credit, We don't care about your past credit history, so try our No Credit Check Computer Financing program, Today! 


  • Tablet Financing Finance a Tablet! We are the First & Only to Finance the Prime.
  • Desktop Financing Finance a Desktop, This i7 Quad should do the trick!
  • Laptop Financing Finance a Laptop with No Money down, You are Approved!


Our Personal Touch

We at Anyone Can Finance want to help you get a computer that is right for your personal needs. Our representatives will help you find a low flexible payment plan to meet your budget. If you ever have a problem making your payment, we will adjust them for you! How many finance company's tell you that up-front! That's why we believe we're the best computer finance company around. Let's get started!!!




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Amy from New York, NY

"Thank you so much. You helped me find a laptop perfect for my college classes. I will defiantly recommend you to all of my friends!"

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Christain from Houston, TX

"This Tablet is amazing! It is much better then an Ipad. the payments are low and I needed another way to build my credit, so everything worked out perfectly. Thanks Anyone Can Finance!"

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Travis from Atlanta, GA

"You guy's are awesome! This desktop is fast, large hard drive, and the graphics are amazing. The payments are very affordable. Thank you so much!"

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Don't Rent to Own

Own it, We are not a rent to own computer company. You own it and in most cases you pay it off in less then 1 year! Finance a PC today!

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Will I qualify?

Yes, We do not judge you based on your credit. In fact, theres never a credit check for computer financing with us. You build your credit with us!

Let's Get Started

Is it a new PC?

Absolutely, Our PC's are Brand New, Not like a rent-a-center's who sell you other peoples returned PC's, Finance a New Computer on Credit with us!

Ready Set GO!

What's the cost?

Our average payment is around $30. We offer a Desktop & Laptop Payment Plan to meet you budget. Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly payment options.

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